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5 Most Versatile Hypeindahouse Accent Rugs to Brighten Up Your Room

The best way to enhance your room aesthetic is to simply add a vibrant rug. A rug can effortlessly transform your room into the trendy, stylistic space you have always dreamed of. Unlike remodeling or painting your room, which can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive, adding a rug is an excellent one-step solution for brightening your room.


Whether you are looking to change up the color scheme or simply want to add a fun pop of color, Hype Inda House Rugs can seriously improve your room. Not only can it help you create an inviting atmosphere, but it will also inspire happiness and creativity. Check out some of our top-selling rugs and see which ones can improve your room!


1. Girls Don’t Cry Tufting Accent Rug



Show off your tough girl spirit with this eccentric “Girls Don’t Cry” rug. This thick and fluffy, tufting accent rug will keep your floors warm while adding a touch of pop art to your house. The fun-shaped rug comes in bright pink and purple colors that are sure to make your guests jealous. With this rug, you can show your independent spirit while adding a laid feel to your room.


2. All You Need Is Love Accent Rug



Sing along to the Beatles every time you are greeted with this creative rug. With an imperfectly shaped heart that symbolizes the unique journey of all lovers and an iconic Beatles quote, you can be inspired to start your day with this rug. After all, love is all you need! You can get this trendy hippie rug in an electric blue, golden yellow, or bright red color. Not only is this rug a decoration piece, but it is also comfortable, durable, and perfect for keeping furniture in place.


3. Slippery Banana Accent Rug



This slippery banana accent rug is the epitome of the Hype Inda House theme. With fun-loving, creative designs such as these, you can keep the energy light and casual at home. This plush accent rug is humorous and clever and will make your guests laugh out loud. The adorable banana peel design can also help lighten the mood so you can make even your worst days bright.


4. Twisted Checkered Accent Rug




Our trippy twisted checkered accent rug is the perfect pop of color for your room. The retro vibes can set the mood while providing practical aspects such as adding warmth and protection to your floors. The groovy purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange colored rugs can put the psych in psychedelic. With a wavy checkered design, you may feel like you are swaying along with the rug.


5. Sunflower & Smile Tufting Accent Rug


Start your day with a smile with this bright and cheery rug. With sunflowers, smiley faces, and checkers rugs, you can wake up feeling ready to take on the world. If you have a room that doesn’t get much natural lighting, you can use this rug to reflect some of the light and make it more joyful. This sunflower and smile rug turns any room into a gleaming room of happiness.




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