Check How Hypeindahouse Giveaway Winners Decorate With Hype Products

🍉The Summer of 2022 has past and we'd hope you do have some hype memories & cool adventures happened. While I believe the lucky winners in our 2nd round giveaway campaign (which held on 20th, Aug) really had some fruitful achieves. 


👀And now, it's the time for us to see what did they get and how do they decorate with our products in their lovely house!






The products Kimber selected include the pillows from Hype Creator and the Twisted Checkered Woven Throw Blanket which perfectly match with the light blue skateboard & ceiling lamp. I really love this simple, fresh but lively room vibe!💙





As the winner of the Twisted Checkered Accent Rug, it's a pretty smart choice to place the rug at the bathroom which perfectly match with the other Green decors & plants. Who will deny this fresh green aesthetics? Btw, the accent rug is not only a visual catching part but also fully practical to use it in the bathroom to keep the area dry💚



Apart from the aceent rug, Anna also chose the Hype Creator pillow and my favourite piece Beatles Abbey Road Woven Throw Blanket too. Time to turn on the loudspeaker and play this classic album.💽


🧡Here comes the Yellow Submarine blanket from the beatles too, picture from the winner lucyoffordd.



🧡Valley of Flowers Woven Throw Blanket from winner emilywilcutt_  



🧡Meditation Girl Woven Throw Blanket from winner groovinellie(


🧡Koinobori Woven Throw Blanket from winner oliviagr.ay


🧡Cosmic Wandering Throw Blanket and Alice in Wonderland Tapestry from winner s_wacaster.085


🧡Sun God Woven Throw Blanket from winner stanandgwyn

Stay tuned every Hype fam, hope you will be the lucky one for the next giveaway!
☮️Peace & Love from Hypeindahouse.

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