[Hype House Inspo] Black & White Checkered Aesthetic Room

ūüß°Ayo Hype Fams, all good and get started to decorate your house for the coming FW season?


In today's [Hype House Inspo], we gonna focus on 2 timeless elements: Black n white and checkered pattern.



We all know color plays a huge role in home decoration, while the classic black and white combo can look timeless in almost any sequence, a perfectly balanced achromatic bedroom requires serious vision. Whether you're going for something modern and minimal, the items below we recommend can definitely add some fun to the room!


Hype piece: Nordic Aesthetic B&W Irregular Tufted Accent Rug



It will be a bit hidebound if all the decors are with symmetrical checkered patterns, so let's add something can pop. With this irregular accent rug, the ellipse & rectangle could be the patterns that break the dull vibes. Tufted craft makes the rug soft & cozy, perfect to place by the bed.


Hype piece: Fluffy Panda Seat Cushion




There are some well known cute animals which are naturally born with black & white skin, penguin, zebra and for sure, one of the most popular animals of the world: PANDA!  We'd prepare you with these fluffy & cute panda shape pillow and cushion. Which is easy to add 100% fun to your space, no matter what decor style it is.


Hype piece: 3 Color Retro Vibe Checkered Shaggy Sherpa Blanket  & 5 Color Checkered Flannel Blanket


In the Fall & Winter season, a perfect blanket will be a must have essential: it should be with eye catching design that you will not get bored soon, warm materials and soft touch. Imagine how cozy time it will be to snug with it on the sofa or bed, have a cup of hot coco and watch your fave films. And here comes the 2 blankets we recommend, 1 with sherpa material and 1 with flannel, both meet the conditions previously mentioned. More important, here are some more adorable colors you can choose!



The best part of a black and white color palette is it boasts a graphic quality no other color palette can. below are some more decors I would recommend¬†‚ÄĒ it's sure to create visual interest.


Elliptical Checkered Accent Rug


 Nordic Aesthetic B&W Round Pattern Tufted Accent Rug


Heart-shaped Checkered Tufting Accent Rug


Asymmetric Checkered Tufted Accent Rug



Any decor that fits perfectly with your taste? Just hope this blog could provide you something fresh & interesting inspiration when decorating your house.
ūüß°Peace out.


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