[Hype House Inspo] Hugging Heart Shaped Pillow

🧡Ayo Hype Fams, all good and get started to decorate your house for the coming FW season?


In today's [Hype House Inspo], we gonna recommend this cute & eye-catching heart shaped hugging throw pillow.

❤️Heart shaped design, being one of the most famous symbols of love universally. No matter what the age, gender or race you are, we all love it! For the one Hypeindahouse team select, it is more playable and unique since it has a pair of long arms which you can pose it as you like!

It also widely match with various home decoration styles, from simple and chic Nordic, raw vibe industry till colorful Memphis, this heart with arms pillow could always grab your attention and add some fun to the room!


Hype Piece: [2 Color] Hugging Heart Throw Pillow


Now, let's check the great photos from the customers.

















🧡Peace out.


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