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[Hypeindahouse] Hype is not only inda house, but outdoor in style too II

Spring & Summertime is all about sweet breezes and sunshine, grassy knolls, and sandy beaches. It will be a pity to lock in the interior space right?

Imagine it’s time to head to the lake, the park, or the sea, but as you’re packing you can’t help but feel like you’re forgetting something.  Sunglasses, umbrella, delicious food & drinks. But an eye catching blanket? If it’s missing, then you definitely need to fix that ASAP.

What you might not expect is to find one million options online. Not to worry – Hypeindahouse has got you covered with its selected cool pieces from cool artisits & illustrators. 

This time our friend Jeepanda, who is an off-road enthusiast lives in Los Angeles brought our California Surfers Woven Throw Blanket & Jeep Wrangler Tapestry with her cool Wrangler Jeep to the long beach.

Check what amazing pictures she took! As the title indicates, hype is not only limited in the house, we want to see our pieces in the natural scenery too!

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