Hypeindahouse: Create an Alluring Home Décor Online Store

“Everyone should have access to a good design & quality home decor that makes their house & life a little bit interesting,” says Elvin, the brand manager of Hypeindahouse, original from a local cafe.

Founded in Hongkong in 2020, Elvin and two friends started a local cafe & home decor store of their lifestyle. Since we are both music, film, street art & fashion enthusiasts, we believe creative expression is a key ingredient in modern life. While most of the spaces lack of unique self-expression, with homogeneous decor products optionally find on the market.

So they set out to create this space and wanted to convey their lifestyle through selected home decors and tasty drinks too

“I don’t want to offer things that you can easily find on the market, without unique personalities & interesting souls inside. And in terms of the quality, I’d rather like to see a product that will continue to stay with you for a decade, within your family, or your circle of friends and it gets passed on,” Elvin said.

At the showroom of Hypeindahouse, products in the store range from Bauhaus vintage furnitures, decorative paintings from world known artists to modern independent illustrators, stylish woven blankets and handcrafted jewelry too.

"Due to the cost & safety of shipping, we now only sell a certain of products with proper size & weight like the blankets & area rugs online to the global customers, with reasonable price and full-hearted service."

"To create an alluring home décor online store is not easy, the most important thing is to build trust & reputation to the customers who can only see your products online, we are trying hard on this. Like building collaborations with local influencers who are passionate in home decor. We have confidence in our taste & products, and it is really a pleasure to hear every compliment from our lovely customer." 


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