Cherry Storage Jar Organizers


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Product Details
5.5*17.9 inch

Product Description:

Ample Storage Capacity: The Cherry Storage Jar Organizers provide generous storage space to accommodate various items, helping you keep your space neat and organized.

Sturdy Plastic Construction: Made from high-quality plastic, these organizers are robust and long-lasting, ensuring a reliable storage solution for your home.

Sleek Design: The sleek design of these organizers complements any decor style, adding a touch of elegance to your space while providing practical storage.

Versatile Use: Ideal for storing a wide range of items such as dry food, snacks, spices, crafting supplies, or small household items, making it a versatile organizational solution.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: The smooth surface of the plastic material allows for easy cleaning with a damp cloth, keeping the organizers looking fresh and hygienic.

Compact Size: With dimensions of 5.5 inches in diameter and 17.9 inches in height, these organizers are compact and space-saving, fitting seamlessly into various areas of your home.

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