Pink Series Laundry Baskets

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Product Details
Outer Layer Cotton And Linen & Middle Layer EVA Material
Square: 15.7L × 11.8W × 8.7"H
39.8L × 29.9W × 22H cm
Drum: 15.7D × 17.7"H
39.8D × 44.9H cm

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Material: The outer layer of these baskets is delicately woven from a blend of high-quality cotton and linen, ensuring durability and a touch of elegance to complement any space. The middle layer incorporates EVA material, adding a sturdy structure to maintain the basket's form and make it a reliable choice for your laundry organization.

Versatile Functionality: Designed with your convenience in mind, these baskets serve as more than just laundry storage. Their stylish pastel pink hue and contemporary design make them perfect additions to your bathroom, serving as versatile accessories to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Use them to organize towels, toiletries, or any bathroom essentials, turning mundane chores into an opportunity to showcase your taste in home decor.

Compact and Spacious: The Square basket's dimensions make it ideal for neatly storing folded clothes, while the Drum basket provides ample space for bulkier items. Their compact size ensures they fit seamlessly into various spaces, making them perfect for apartments, dorms, or any room with limited storage.

Durability Meets Style: The combination of cotton, linen, and EVA material not only guarantees longevity but also adds a touch of sophistication to your laundry routine. The Pastel Pink Laundry Baskets Set is a fusion of practicality and style, providing a chic solution to keep your space organized while radiating a sense of tranquility.

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